Dri-Steam ®

Carpet Cleaning System

SYSTEM TYPE: True Steam Extraction
(Propane fired, Truck mounted, Dual machine)

PERFECTION feels fortunate to have been chosen to test this proto-type carpet/upholstery cleaning machine for the past several years. We opted to put up with the first machine in order to now be able to offer you a vastly superior carpet/upholstery cleaning system. The efficiency of this machine allows us to concentrate on every square inch of our cleaning task for you. We believe the MOST important thing we can do for you is the BEST job possible.

A true steam/water extraction system is the most complete system for removal of soiling from the carpet/upholstery surface. Water has been proven to be the best "vehicle" to suspend and carry the soil away. The Dri-Steam Carpet cleaning system is unique in that it will enable the technicians (2) to both be simultaneously cleaning in different parts of the residence, whether it is carpet or upholstery. This gives you, the customer, more of our time (man/woman hours) while we are at your home or business cleaning. Our system will also provide up to a constant 250° temperature (maximum, for heaviest soiling) for cleaning. No, this temperature will not cause any harm to the cleaning surface. We will identify your carpet type and proceed with cleaning according to what is recommended by our industry for your carpet.

This system also includes a specially designed HAF® (high air-flow) vacuum system that gives some drying times as low as 1 hour. This system moves beyond conventional "dual-wand" type hot water carpet/upholstery extraction cleaning systems. With the Dri-Steam ® system, neither technician can tell the other one is using the system. This ensures that each technician is receiving full cleaning pressure, full cleaning temperature, and full vacuum removal of any excess moisture. In addition, our training also tells us the speed at which we can clean in order to remove all significant soils and moisture from your carpet.

This is how we can take the time to do the job correctly. We are twice as efficient as other single machine carpet and upholstery cleaners, so you get more time (man hours) from our service while we are cleaning for you.

We also offer a FREE carpet/upholstery deodorization/sanitizing package. This ensures eliminating mild odors and germs from the cleaning area at NO cost to you.

Finally, we carry our own conditioned/soft water for cleaning using a system developed by CULLIGAN® Soft Water Systems. This allows maximum suspension of soils in each molecule of water (steam) which removes more soiling from the surface being cleaned.

We believe there is no system anywhere equal or superior to ours. We challenge any of our competition to be able to exceed our standards of cleaning...

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