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Making high quality work and a positive work attitude our number one priority; maintaining our position of networking within our industry's top organizations so that we may continue to bring you the best possible service; that we perform so that our customers will develop lasting relationships with us. We want to do more for you than you expect us to.

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PERFECTION is pleased to announce a change in our cleaning process. We no longer use a detergent cleaner when we clean for you. Instead we are using a residue eliminating cleaning solution which cleans better, and most importantly, removes any existing residues from your carpet or upholstery. This eliminates residues which can cause the carpet to resoil soon after cleaning.

This is just another way in which we strive to be the BEST for you!!!



Selecting a Cleaner

I would like to discuss the process, or should I say the state of confusion, of trying to decide upon which carpet/upholstery cleaning company to select for your cleaning needs. This can leave most consumers wondering whom to believe. If you haven't already found a good cleaner, the task of locating one can be really frustrating. It would certainly be great if everyone we talked to had to tell the truth. Unfortunately life doesn't work that way here on this planet.

Please, do not select a cleaner because they might have what appears to be the lowest price in town. This is usually a trap for the consumer, who thinks service from a business can equate to shopping for the same brand TV at several outlets. Then you decide to buy from the business with the lowest price (apples to apples comparison). Selecting a carpet/upholstery cleaner would be like comparing apples to oranges. The quality and type of service will vary immensely.

Here are some of the points I think that you should consider when trying to select a cleaner.

  • Are their technicians paid by the hour or by commission?
    • If they are paid by commission there is usually a tendency for them to oversell you services or products, so they can make more money
  • Are all of their technicians fully trained?
    • Have they attented classes conducted by a national certification body for the carpet & upholstery cleaning industry?
  • How long have they been in business?
    • Not always an indication of how honest and reliable, but the BBB will know more about a company that has been around for awhile.
  • Are they insured and who is their insurance carrier?
  • If this company does room pricing, do they count a hall or closet as a room?
    • A hallway, closet, or small bathroom should not be counted as an entire room. However, the deceptive cleaner will count these smaller spaces as areas because their initial over-the-phone price isn't enough money for them to do the job.
  • Does the individual you are talking with on the phone appear to be knowledgable in answering your questions about the service you are interested in?

I would suggest calling your local BBB and ask for a report on the company you are considering for your cleaning needs. If the company has difficulty in answering the above questions, I would be leary in inviting them into my home for service work. 


by Bob Savage

There is a lot to be said about residue in carpet, and what effects it can have on the appearance of the carpet, both right after cleaning and much later. The most common residue that we deal with when we clean carpet is soap. That's right, soap. A lot of time this is in the form of that spiffy little bottle of carpet cleaning solution you picked up at the store.

I know, they said it would take the spot out, and it did (usually), but this is what they didn't tell you. These cleaning solutions, whether surfactants, soaps, solvents, or magic dry chemical powders, are a major accumulation of RESIDUE waiting to happen. Here is the scenario.

You notice a spot on the carpet, so you reach for the SOLV-IT Carpet Cleaner. They have told you on all the TV commercials that SOLV-IT will get the stain out quickly, short of a miracle. We like the sound of quickly, because we don't have enought extra time for anything, anymore it seems. So far we are told the truth, or should I say half-truth? The rest of the story is:

Soon the residue from the original stain, mixed with the residue of our cleaner, now begins to gel into a nice mixture of a gummy feeling residue. This is now what we call a DIRT MAGNET. This spot now starts to grow because it now is attracting and keeping new dirt, mixed with the original spot. The original spot re-appears, only now it is bigger than before. So let's grab the SOLV-IT and remove it again. In fact, let's apply SOLV-IT to the entire traffic lane because it is getting pretty soiled too. Now we have residue everywhere, and it keeps soiling rapidly.

Residues can also be caused by the last carpet cleaners you had who left too much residue behind from their cleaning. It doesn't matter whether it is dry or wet cleaned, residue is probably the most mis-understood facet of carpet cleaning, probably because it is mostly invisible. You don't see the start of residue, only the dirt that it attracts and holds. Sometimes the carpet cleaner sees heavily soiled carpet, so he/she assumes more chemical (soap) is needed to clean this heavy soiling. Usually the opposite is true. Less cleaning solution of a cleaning nature and more solution of a neutralizing nature is needed, to return the carpet to a soft, fluffy feeling fiber. Again, education (training) on the part of the technician is the key to a good job.

I know, equipment is important, but even high-tech can get a technician into trouble. I know many times a technician will get the new, shinny super-sucker machine, and just zip over the carpet, thinking the machine can do miracles at high speed. Granted the super-sucker might be better than the other older machine (or maybe not), but the cleaner has to recognize what process is taking place in cleaning either carpet or upholstery. It is always up to the technician to work within the limits of the machine and the surface he/she is cleaning.

Just who is PERFECTION Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning anyway?

PERFECTION is a full service carpet/upholstery cleaning and restoration company. We are a Network organization and not a franchise. In addition to our cleaning services, we offer complete carpet repair, including stretching loose carpet, water damage restoration, drapery cleaning and carpet dye work. We have been fully trained through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration and Certification), a nationally recognized training and certification organization for the carpet/upholstery cleaning & restoration industry. We are confident in our work because of the time and money we invested over 12 years ago when we started in business to learn exactly how to perform our job for you. We have built a reputation among our customers, and among other carpet/upholstery cleaning companies, that we will do the job correctly, on time, and for a value/reasonable price. No, I didn't say low price. Low price usually means both the cleaner and the customer come away from the ordeal never wanting to see each other again. We, on the other hand, want to keep you as a life-long satisfied customer, someone who tells their friends and family about our quality work. This is the only way we can continue to build our business into one we can be proud of. We hope that you too, put quality above all else.

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